Roll Model Youth and Community Development CIC is a community interest company with a fresh approach to youth and community work. Our directors include world class sportmen and women in BMX and inline skating as well as primary and secondary school educators.

Although only founded in October 2017, our non profit company's roots began in 2013 when our Director of Funding and Projects took over a failing Local Authority owned community centre. After a difficult 12 months balancing the books, the community centre flourished and began making a profit which was put back into the local community.

As the community centre grew so did the requirement for further staffing and a more robust legal structure and 'Roll Model' came into existence.

We now offer a range of services and programmes based at the centre and other venues across the North West of England. 

Supported by:

The Shining Lights Centre, Forest Rd, Sutton Manor, Saint Helens WA9 4AT, UK