‘Kids’s Cafe’ project starting in September

Thanks to funding from the Tesco Bags of help, in September we will be launching our new Kids Cafe project running from 3.20-5.30 each weekday.

In order to make the project as well equipped as possible, we need your help to make sure we receive the maximum amount of funding possible from Tesco. In order to do this, we need you to vote for us by placing your tesco blue tokens in our box each time you shop and encourage friends and family to do the same. You can vote at the following stores during July and August: ST HELENS EXTRA - WA9 3AL ST HELENS METRO - WA9 4BZ WINDLE ST HELENS EXPRESS - WA10 6QY

More updates on the project will be posted during August as we begin to refurbish the building in preparation. 


Supported by:

The Shining Lights Centre, Forest Rd, Sutton Manor, Saint Helens WA9 4AT, UK