Expanding our revenue streams

So why are we still able to offer all our services such as youth clubs and parent and baby groups whilst other organisations are cutting back due to a lack of funding?

The answer to this is our revenue streams which allow us to be completely self sustaining.

In simple terms we have two arms to our non profit business. The first is our profit making activities such as our birthday parties. These bring in funds to support our second arm which is our community activities such as youth clubs, afterschool clubs, baby groups. Without one we simply couldn't have the other.

On an average week we spend £450 delivering community activity that is either free or heavily subsidised. That's over £20,000 per year!

To ensure we can continue offering all that we do we are now looking at expanding our revenue streams with additional services in the new year. Some will be available immediately and some will be phased in.

What we currently offer to fund community activities:

- Softplay Parties (On-site)

- Nerf Parties (On-site)

- Disco/Rollerdisco Parties (On-site)

- Football Parties (On-site)

- Mascot and Character Hire (On-site)

- Sports Coaching for Schools

- Community Facility Management

- Bid Writing Services

- Activity Days (On-site)

New services will we offer in 2020:

- Mascot and Character Hire (Off-site)

- Party Packages at a Venue of Your Choice

- Arcade Parties

- Arcade Machine Hire to Your Home or other Venue

- Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs in St Helens Schools

- Alternative PPA cover for schools

If you're interested in any of these services or would like an update when we begin to roll them out, drop us a message.

So here's looking to a new year and a larger offer from us which will in tern allow a larger offer for our community.


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