Keeping over 25s engaged in urban sports

You may have already seen some of our build and test pictures and videos on our social media pages, but now that our volunteers have finished putting the bare bones of our ramps and boxes together it's time for you to join us.

So what is the project?

Keep on Rolling is a new project at the centre funded by Sport England. It aims to keep adults rollerblading, encourage those who have stopped to pick it up again and even get people who have never skated before to give it a go.

It's free for all to attended but is restricted to over 18s only. Come down and show us your best tricks or just join us for a brew and a little roll around.

We have a variety of sizes of skates and protective gear to borrow for the sessions if you don't already have your own.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 19th January.


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The Shining Lights Centre, Forest Rd, Sutton Manor, Saint Helens WA9 4AT, UK